Make Your City Good


GoodCity began in The Woodlands, TX in 2016 to collaborate the efforts of good people doing good things throughout the city. After years of serving their city individually, a small team of local, involved and successful business leaders, large church pastors, and individual benefactors formed to initiate and oversee GoodCity. GoodCity gathers churches, businesses, organizations, and individuals to cooperate on specific and crucial local efforts in their city. GoodCity was created in order to be replicated in many cities that desire to gather together to do good.

The genesis of GoodCity was the realization that no one individual, church or organization is better alone, but by working together we can change the communities that we love for the better. Though many good people are doing many good things, only together can we make our city good!

What does a GoodCity look like?

Behind and beyond the beauty we enjoy in our communities, all is not good. A GoodCity will discover and care for the needs of its own. A GoodCity will bring help, healing and restoration into seemingly hopeless and helpless situations and circumstances. A GoodCity will love its neighbors and bring hope and growth for the future. A GoodCity will work together.

Together, a GoodCity’s most influential leaders will collaborate to meet needs of hunger, homelessness, abuse and abandonment. But a GoodCity won’t stop until we break these destructive cycles by providing counseling, community, education and development.

A GoodCity will be a good place to live, work and serve in!

GoodCity is a tax-deductible, non-profit organization.