The Johnsons Project


Early morning on Friday, May 12th, the home of Pastor Bobby Johnson, Jr. and his wife, Carrie Johnson, was one of three homes ravaged by fire. The home of family member Esther Johnson was also destroyed. Bobby and Carrie Johnson shared their home with their son, Jarvis Johnson, daughter, April Johnson, and April’s four children.


Despite the valiant efforts of first responders, family and neighbors to rescue them, three of the Mitchell children – Terrance “TJ” (13), Kaila (6) and Kyle (5) – who were sleeping on the second floor, perished in the fire. Their brother Adrian (pictured on the right) survived. Four of the remaining family members sustained injuries while trying to rescue the children and were hospitalized.

This good family is devastated by the loss of these children that they loved. Their loss is compounded by the absolute lack of resources to recover from this tragedy and move forward with their lives. 

We, as The Woodlands and South County community, will respond.


What We Are Doing


The generosity of many in our city has sustained this family temporarily. Immediate housing, meals, and medical care has been covered by generous people. 

But, the long-term rebuilding of life will take much collaboration. A great team of volunteers in our city have responded.

Through their work, a detailed plan has evolved.
This unprecedented event in our community will require an unprecedented response by good people in our community.
Here is the plan:

Raise over $500,000 for the Johnson Family to:

• Provide a home for April & Adrian (budget of $175k)
• Provide a home for Bobby & Carrie (home will house 6 people total) (budget of $250k)
• Cover the medical bills for the family (budget of $100k)
• Provide short term emergency living expenses for the family ($12k)

All funds raised over and above these immediate needs, will go towards a 529 College Fund for Adrian and a permanent memorial on the site of the disaster.


The family have shown tremendous courage, grace and humility in the face of this tragedy. These requests are being made by non-family advocates who have spent many hours with the family and observed their needs as well as their hearts. These project liaisons, led by Kristen Blanchard and in collaboration with GoodCity, will ensure all proceeds are allocated to the appropriate prescribed needs. 

100% of all money raised will go directly to the above listed needs. Neither GoodCity nor any of the volunteer liaisons will receive a % or any remuneration from money raised. 100% of your gift will be tax deductible and you will receive a giving statement from GoodCity. 


GoodCity, a local non-profit, is assisting other great local organizations in the leadership of this solution by gathering cooperation and donations.
You can give directly to the Johnson Family Project by writing a check to:

295 Sawdust Road
The Woodlands, TX 77380


If interested in joining in the volunteer clean-up efforts or if you desire more information, please email information at